HomeTest ovulation (LH) test strips.

Affordable and reliable way to find your fertile days.

Detect your ovulation with completely reliable results.


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5 ovulation test strips

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HomeTest ovulation strip-style tests detect elevated levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine. The increase of the hormone LH takes place before the actual ovulation and triggers it within 24 - 48 hours. After ovulation, the egg can only survive for 24 hours (or less) once released, while sperm survives a few days in a healthy body.

Thus, our ovulation tests can help predict the two most fertile days following the detection of the hormone LH. If sexual intercourse is made within those days, you will increase your chances of getting pregnant.


The HomeTest ovulation strips tests DO NOT require any other device to operate - they are used "as is". They are one step tests, which means they produce the result rapidly, approximately in 40 seconds.


Order Assistant: This specific package contains 5 ovulation tests. If your cycle does not flauctuate at all or it fluctuates by 1-2 days, then this package will last you for 1 cycle. 


To calculate your fertile days, please feel free to use our online fertility calendar by clicking here.
Have in mind that, like all similar calendars, it relies on mathematical calculations and you should use it only as a general guide and only if your cycle does not fluctuate. If your cycle fluctuates, it means that your ovulation day is not steady in the cycle and thus you necessarily need to use ovulation tests to find your fertile day.


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25 mIU/ml
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