What should I eat

It is a fact that in recent years nutrition has played an important role in our daily lives. Therefore, proper nutrition affects many areas of our lives and one of them is fertility. Therefore, it would be good to follow the following "smart" tips, if you are in the process of having a baby!

1. Always eat green vegetables that are rich in folic acid, a B complex vitamin which contributes to the production of red blood cells and the health of the reproductive system. In addition, folic acid is essential for the production of good quality sperm in men and contributes to the health of the nervous system, while preventing genetic abnormalities of the spine in the fetus.

2. Always eat citrus fruits and nuts because nuts contain zinc and magnesium and oranges mainly increase sperm motility and promote ovulation.

3. Always eat dairy because it is a source of calcium, which is essential for the health of the reproductive system. Prefer low-fat foods to avoid gaining extra pounds, but try to get the 1,000 mg of calcium you need per day.

4. Always eat lean meat because it is a source of iron. According to the latest research, women who consume this precious metal are more fertile than those who avoid it.

5. Always eat whole grains as well as spaghetti and whole grain rice because they help produce healthy eggs and sperm. If you have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) - the most common cause of infertility in women - you need to pay more attention to cereals.

6. Always eat salmon because it is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids which balance the hormones of the reproductive system, increase blood flow and help the body cope with stress.

7. Always eat hot peppers because they increase blood flow, ensuring good perspiration of the genetic system. In addition, hot peppers secrete endorphins that fight stress and provide a sense of relaxation.

8. Eat pineapple and pomegranate because they are a rich source of manganese. According to the latest research, they activate the enzymes that cause the production of a series of hormones of the reproductive system. Its lack is associated with difficulty in conceiving.

It is important to note that foods such as large fish that contain large amounts of mercury, a metal whose consumption has been linked to infertility, and which are harmful to the fetus, should be avoided. Also, the fish that are most often infected with mercury are the swordfish, the tuna, the big belly, the dogfish. These should also be avoided!

In addition, you should avoid hydrogenated (or trans) fats, which are found in processed and fried foods, such as standard snacks (chips, shrimp, donuts, etc.).

Finally, frequent weight control, light physical exercise and reduction of smoking in combination with a proper psychology can only bring positive results, so do not lose your faith and your optimism!!




Katerina Michalaka




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