Progesterone test (PdG)

Confirm your ovulation. Confirm the ability of pregnancy.

The PdG progesterone test is a urine test and is used for 2 main reasons:
1- To confirm that your ovulation was successful.
2- To confirm that your uterus has the ability to accommodate the fertilized egg and therefore to start the pregnancy.

More reliable results from progesterone blood tests!

Successful ovulation is important for successful conception. Ovulation hormone (LH) may peak, but problems can occur during ovulation. This will be shown by the progesterone levels one week after ovulation (specifically the levels of PdG metabolite in urine).

Also, if you have PCOS and discover low progesterone or anovulatory cycles, it will be easier for your doctor to diagnose the problem and suggest the appropriate treatment.

Combine it with our ovulation tests and cover everything about fertility!

Innovative Progesterone Test (PdG). Check your progesterone levels a few days after ovulation and confirm that you have had a successful ovulation!
Low progesterone levels in the second phase of the cycle are the most common cause of infertility.
Clinically proven.
Available from only
The test is a urine test and is available in strips.
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