When do we stop the ovulation tests?


The obvious answer is that we stop the ovulation tests when we find the positive test.

But what if the days pass and we have not found the positive test?
When do we stop testing?

First of all, we do not stop the ovulation tests if we have not found the positive test yet!

Many women think they know when they are ovulating. So they stop the ovulation tests when the day they think they have ovulated has passed.

Based on our experience, our advice is this: Even if we think we know the day we are ovulating, even if we have all the symptoms of ovulation, even if the smartphone tells us it is our ovulation day, if the ovulation tests are not positive, ovulation has not yet occurred.

Let's take an example. A woman with a 28-day steady cycle or with a small cycle fluctuation. She believes she is ovulating on a specific day, e.g. the 14th day of the cycle. So, she starts the tests from day 11, doing one test per day, and the tests are negative. The days pass, she reaches the 15th-16th day and decides to stop the tests because the date of the supposed ovulation has passed.

This is not correct because ovulation may occur in the next few days even if the cycle is stable.

We often talk to our clients and tell them to continue the tests, not to stop them – and yes, it has happened many times that they find the positive test in the next few days, on the 18th or the 21st day with previous 28-days steady cycles.

So, do not stop the ovulation tests, if a few days pass and you have not found your positive one. Only your body knows when you will ovulate!

Of course, there will be cycles that you won’t ovulate and this is quite normal. In this case, wait for the next cycle to properly detect ovulation.

If you have not found your positive ovulation test, contact us for assistance!


If on the other hand, you have found your positive ovulation test - and it is the first time you are using our tests - you should use one last test the day after the positive one, just to make sure that the hormone's levels are decreasing again. Keep in mind that the LH surge can last up to 2 days, so in this case you should use one last test on the third day, which is after the 2 days of the LH surge. 



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