Male fertility: What you need to know

When the couple strives for a child and the process does not go as hoped, then the burden of failure, especially in traditional patriarchal societies, falls on the woman. But conception is a process that takes 2: both the woman and the man.

In fact, statistically, 15% of couples in the western world have infertility problems. In these cases, 40% -50% of infertility cases are the result of both partners, while in about 20%, the sole culprit is the man (see here and here).


How can male fertility be checked

All men who start trying to have a baby with their partner should check the quality of their sperm.

This can be done either in a special sperm analysis laboratory always in consultation with a specialist andrologist-urologist, or at home simply and quickly, with the FertilitySCORE male fertility test, exclusively from

According to the latest directive (2010) of the World Health Organization, sperm with less than 15 million motile sperm per ml or less than 39 million motile sperm per ejaculation is considered infertile.


Ways to increase male fertility naturally

  • Exercise and regular sleep, have been shown to improve sperm count.
  • Before turning to special medicines, the recommended advice is to try first a simple multivitamin product (which must contain vitamins C, D, E and K, as well as zinc and selenium) or related herbs.
  • Include as many vegetables as you can in your diet, making sure they have all the colors for a greater variety.
  • Smoking and alcohol have long been known to reduce overall health, sperm production and quality.
  • Reducing stress helps a lot. Find ways to reduce stress levels in your body, such as a hobby or spend more time doing relaxing activities.
  • Increase consumption of good fats (polyunsaturated, Ω-3, Ω-6) and decrease consumption of bad fats (trans fats).
  • Avoid toxic environments, such as air pollution or places with toxic chemicals.
  • Avoid overheating the testicles. Avoid long hours of laptop use on the scrotum and be sure to wear loose underwear such as boxer shorts.


When to seek medical help

There is no special rule. In general, you should seek medical help if 1 year of intensive effort has elapsed, provided that every time you know that the days you come in contact with are fertile by taking ovulation tests.



In general, as long as there is no pathological or genetic factor, male infertility is not difficult to recover or even correct in some way.

With few exceptions, changes in lifestyle and diet are able to correct the problem without any other medical intervention. In cases where medical intervention is required, most of the time it is an easy procedure that is often done at the doctor's clinic.

Of course, your andrologist has the last word!



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