Researchers who have evaluated the results of nearly 200 different studies claim that the number of men's sperm from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand appears to have halved in less than 40 years.

The evaluation, one of the largest ever conducted, compiles the results of 185 studies between 1973 and 2011.


Summarizing the results of the survey

1. The rate of decline is "increasing"

Dr. Levine, from the University of Jerusalem, found a decrease in semen concentration by 52.4% and a decrease in the total number of sperm by 59.3% in men from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The study also shows that the rate of sperm reduction in men living in these areas is continuing and possibly increasing.


2. What about other areas?

There was no significant decline in South America, Asia and Africa, but researchers point out that far fewer studies have been carried out on these continents. However, Dr. Levine is concerned that eventually the sperm count will fall in these areas as well.


3. Smoking and obesity

There is no clear indication of the reason for this apparent decline. But it has been linked to exposure to chemicals used in pesticides and plastics, obesity, smoking, stress, nutrition, and even longtime television viewing.


What can I do?

In principle it would be good men (and women) to change their lifestyle, to add more physical exercise, watch their diet, quit smoking and control their body weight.

They may also begin to control the use of various chemical-containing products and perhaps with proper research find alternative products that do not contain dangerous chemicals.

Eliminate stress. Unfortunately this is quite difficult given the financial situation but there are always activities that will, at least for a while, make us relieve stress.


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