According to statistical findings, infertility affects approximately 10-15% of couples of reproductive age and remains a major medical problem. Although the common feeling is that infertility is a woman factor, however, male infertility is estimated at 40-50% of all cases, while in 20% of infertile couples, the sole perpetrator is male infertility.


In recent years an increasingly organized investigation of the causes of male infertility is underway. The disorder on male fertility is due to several factors, such as medical (genetic, viral, immunological, hormonal, etc.), psychological, environmental, etc., while 90% of cases are related to spermatogenesis and the inability of men to produce sufficient number of healthy, good quality sperm.


As defined, fertile sperm is one whose sperm count is greater than or equal to 20 mil./ml with the other parameters being normal. Such sperm has 93% chances of successful fertilization. Instead, an subfertile sperm is one whose sperm count is 20 mil./ml but the other factors do not meet normal parameters.


It is obvious that the male capacity for fertilization decreases over the years. What is not widely known, is that the quality of the sperm can vary several times during a man's life and is mainly due to environmental factors, nutritional factors and lifestyle. For example, the quality and quantity of sperm is negatively affected by smoking, stress, alcohol, drugs, etc. In other words, the fertilization capacity of the sperm of an individual who on the previous day consumed a lot of alcohol is significantly reduced in the following days, and gradually returns to previous levels. This means that men should control the quality and quantity of their sperm much more frequently and not rely on some old semen analysis from some years ago.

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