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New groundbreaking operation delays menopause for at least 20 years!

New groundbreaking operation delays menopause for at least 20 years!   The surgery, which lasts only 30 minutes, concerns women up to 40 years of age. The surgery somehow tricks the biological clock of the woman concerned and makes it believe that she is younger. This means that women will have the chance to have babies in their 60s, “The Times” report.   This pioneering procedure is being tested in Great Britain and it seems quite simple: A piece of ovarian tissue is removed, then it is kept frozen at -150 ° C, until the woman reaches...

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Why does breasts hurt before period

Breast pain is an unpleasant but normal and anticipated condition that occurs before period. It may appear up to 2 weeks before the expected period (ie from ovulation and onwards), worsens over the course of days and disappears as soon as the period is over. By "breast pain" we mean every level of discomfort or pain in one or both breasts. Medicine has not yet fully understood the causes of pain, but is aware that it is due to the sudden change in key hormone levels. Why is there breast pain before period? Lowering estrogen and...

Spotting between periods. Should I worry?

Spotting between periods. Should I worry? A menstrual cycle usually lasts from 21 to 35 days and the bleeding lasts for a few days. The appearance of spotting on any other day is not normal and needs further investigation. Sudden spotting somewhere in the middle of the cycle is called "mid-cycle bleeding" and is not unusual. However, if it occurs, you must inform your doctor immediately, because it may not be serious, but it may be a warning sign of a more serious problem associated with the female reproductive system. Let’s see some...

Vaginal pH balance

Vaginal pH balance Maintaining the pH balance of the vagina is essential to keeping it healthy. A normal vaginal pH is between 3.8 and 4.5. When the pH level is within this range, it can help avoid bacterial and fungal infections. Conversely, a high pH can cause infections as it may allow bacteria and fungi to thrive. The Lactobacilli bacteria live in the vagina and secrete lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, which give the vagina its acidic pH level. Vaginal pH can change over a person's life. Before menarche (the first ever period) is...

Hormonal imbalances in women and men

Hormonal imbalances in women and men Hormonal imbalances occur when there is too much or too little of a hormone in the bloodstream. Because of their essential role in the body, even small hormonal imbalances can cause side effects throughout the body. Hormones are chemicals that are produced by glands in the endocrine system. Hormones travel through the bloodstream to the tissues and organs, delivering messages that tell the organs what to do and when to do it. Hormones are important for regulating most major bodily processes, so a...

Vaginal secretions - Normal and abnormal

Vaginal secretions - Normal and abnormal Vaginal discharge is a normal part of the menstrual cycle and color and consistency change throughout the month. However, some types of discharge indicate an underlying condition. Many women experience thick, white discharge before a period. This is considered healthy unless the discharge is lumpy or accompanied by a strong odor. Read on to discover more about changes in discharge throughout the menstrual cycle, and why white discharge can appear before a period. White discharge before a period...

The most premature baby in history

Nothing is impossible after all. Courtney Stensrud, in San Antonio, Texas, USA in 2014, was forced to give birth prematurely because of a medical emergency. Babies are normally born between 38-40 weeks of gestation. Anything sooner than this is called premature. According to the American Society of Pediatrics, the limit that a child may be born prematurely is 22 weeks of gestation. A 2003 study concluded that the percentage of children born at 23 weeks and able to survive until their first year is only 4.5%. Courtney Stensrud,...

Discovery on the leading cause of miscarriage and birth defects

Two recent Northwestern University studies shed new light on the mystery of the leading cause of birth defects and miscarriage, laying the foundation for further research in an understudied but crucially important field of genetic study. The studies look at what happens during the process that produces egg cells (oocytes), which later become embryos when they are fertilized. Ten to 25 percent of human embryos contain the wrong number of chromosomes because the egg cell has not divided properly, which is a problem unique to egg cells....

Identification of vitamin which may prevent miscarriages and genetic anomalies

Identification of vitamin which may prevent miscarriages and genetic anomalies.The most important discovery for pregnant women, after folic acid. A simple vitamin supplement could prevent miscarriages and genetic abnormalities, according to a 12-year study by Dunwoodie scientists in Australia. Researchers, who started their research in 2005, have identified a deficiency in a developmental molecule called NAD, which is responsible for the proper formation of the baby's organs within the uterus. Lack of it could be treated by taking B3...

DNA editing in human embryos

A new era has begun... American scientists for the first time successfully edited DNA from human embryos in order to erase a hereditary cardiac problem they had, opening the gate to a new, and perhaps misunderstanding, era. Embryos were only allowed to grow for a few days because, as scientists claim, they were never meant to be implanted into a human uterus for pregnancy. Nevertheless, experiments will continue with the ultimate goal of "correcting" all genetic anomalies in humans. View all our blog posts by clicking here.

Human eggs produce sparks at the exact moment of conception

Did you know this? When a human sperm cell makes contact with an egg, in appropriate lab situations, a flash of light is produced, which indicates that the egg has been successfully fertilized and can now develop into a healthy embryo. The spark occurs when a fertilized egg releases billions of zinc atoms at the exact moment of conception. This discovery was recently made by the team of Teresa Woodruff, from Northwestern University in Chicago. Some eggs produce brighter sparks than others, depending on their ability to develop into a...

The importance of checking the vaginal pH during pregnancy

Η διαταραχή της υγείας του κόλπου και η εμφάνιση κολπίτιδων προκαλούν συχνά ενοχλήσεις στις γυναίκες. Ένα φυσιολογικό κολπικό έκκριμα έχει pH που κινείται από 3,8 έως 4,4 και “καθηλώνει” έτσι κάθε παθογόνο μικροοργανισμό. Αν το έκκριμα γίνει αλκαλικό, αν δηλαδή φθάσει ή ξεπεράσει το 5, τότε υπάρχει η δυνατότητα εγκατάστασης παθολογικών μικροβίων, που μπορεί να μην παρουσιάζουν ιδιαίτερα συμπτώματα, αλλά μπορεί να δημιουργήσουν προβλήματα. Πώς προστατεύεται, όμως, ο οργανισμός από κολπικές λοιμώξεις; Τα περισσότερα βακτήρια και άλλοι...

Recurrent miscarriages

(πληροφορίες για το κοινό σύμφωνα με το Βρετανικό κολλέγιο μαιευτήρων-γυναικολόγων) – για περισσότερες πληροφορίες η γυναίκα πρέπει να συμβουλεύεται το γυναικολόγο της. ΓΕΝΙΚΑ • Αποβολή είναι η πρώιμη απώλεια μιας εγκυμοσύνης.• Καθ` έξιν αποβολές είναι όταν αυτό συμβαίνει τρεις ή περισσότερες φορές.• Περίπου 1 στις 100 γυναίκες (1%) παρουσιάζει καθ` έξιν αποβολές.• Τα περισσότερα ζευγάρια που είχαν καθ` έξιν αποβολές στο παρελθόν, έχουν καλή πιθανότητα να έχουν μια επιτυχή εγκυμοσύνη στο μέλλον.• Εάν είχες καθ` έξιν αποβολές πρέπει να...

Newborn's essentials

Newborn's essentials The delivery day is approaching, so now you can have the list of everything that you need for the newborn. Shopping list for your newborn baby: For the newborn’s sleeping time Baby basket (porte-bebe) 2-3 small sheets 2 blankets 5 small towels 1 night light For the newborn’s bath time and personal hygiene Bath tub (preferably with an iron base – it helps you not to bend) Baby bath foam Baby hair shampoo 2-3 body towels Newborn diapers 5 changing mats 5 large cotton cloths for holding the baby 3...

5 practical tips for new mommies

5 practical tips for you who are to become or have just became a mother, for the first time 1. Do not get many packs with diapers number 1. Your baby will grow in zero time and will soon use the number 2 and 3. 2. Also, do not get a lot of baby romper number 0. Πολύ γρήγορα το μωράκι σας θα φοράει φορμάκια για μωρά 3 μηνών. Καλύτερα να του είναι και άνετα, όχι εφαρμοστά. Πάντα πρέπει να αφήνουμε χώρο στην πάνα να γεμίσει! 3. If you are giving milk with a bottle prefer rubber nipples, because they are made of natural material but...

Uterine fibroids

(πληροφορίες για το κοινό σύμφωνα με το Βρετανικό κολλέγιο μαιευτήρων-γυναικολόγων) – για περισσότερες πληροφορίες η γυναίκα πρέπει να συμβουλεύεται το γυναικολόγο της. Τα ινομυώματα της μήτρας είναι καλοήθεις (όχι καρκίνος) όγκοι της μήτρας. Είναι οι πιο συχνοί όγκοι που αναπτύσσονται στην πύελο μιας γυναίκας. Αναπτύσσονται σε ποσοστό 20-25% όλων των γυναικών. Πολλές γυναίκες δεν γνωρίζουν ότι έχουν ινομυώματα, καθώς πολλές φορές είναι μικρά και δεν προκαλούν συμπτώματα. Τα ινομυώματα μπορούν να προκαλέσουν προβλήματα λόγω του μεγέθους...