This letter was sent to us by a mother-to-be, who wrote it to her unborn child and who agreed to publish it without her details.

She was trying to get pregnant for a long time and finally one morning she sent us the positive pregnancy test!

It has touched us so much!


My Dearest Little One,

As I write these words, I'm overwhelmed with emotions, knowing that you, my precious child, is growing within me. This journey to your existence has been a profound rollercoaster of emotions and hope.

The path to conceiving you hasn't been easy. It was a journey marked by resilience and determination. Countless attempts were made before the joyous news finally arrived. Each unsuccessful try brought moments of disappointment, yet it also fortified my resolve to welcome you into my life.

Ovulation tests became my guiding light in this journey. They transformed uncertainty into hope, allowing me to navigate the intricate process of conception with a newfound sense of knowledge and control. They were instrumental in signaling the perfect moment for your creation.

Amidst the challenges, there were rays of hope. Support from family and loved ones and the unwavering encouragement of HomeTest lifted my spirit during moments of doubt. Their belief in our journey reassured me that, despite the obstacles, my dreams of having you would soon come true.

And then, that magical moment arrived - the positive pregnancy test! It was a surreal and joyous occasion, a confirmation of the miracle growing within me. The overwhelming rush of emotions filled my heart with an indescribable sense of happiness and gratitude.

My darling, our journey together is just beginning. Every kick, every flutter, reminds me of the beautiful journey we're on. Plans are underway, preparations made, and our hearts filled with endless love and anticipation for your arrival.

I promise to cherish every moment of your existence, to nurture and protect you, and to be the best parent I can be. The dreams I hold for you are infinite, and the love I have for you knows no bounds.

With each passing day, my excitement grows, imagining the moment we'll finally meet face to face. You're already deeply loved, cherished, and awaited with bated breath.

I can't wait to hold you in my arms, to gaze into your eyes, and to embark on this extraordinary journey of parenthood with you. Until then, know that you are loved beyond measure.

With all my love,
Your Future Mommy!