There are 2 main ovulation test and pregnancy test types suitable for home use.
These are the strip and midstream style tests.
In this article we will examine the differences between these two test types.

Strip style tests, are small tests which are used "as is", i.e. there is no need for any other device or component to perform the test. The result is expressed as colored lines on the test.

Strip and Midstream Tests

The difference between strips and midstream tests is that you can not place the strips in the urine flow. That is you can not pee on them. The reason is that test strips should not be moistened from one point upwards. You should collect a very small amount of your urine in a clean container or cup (it does not need to be a sterile urine collector) and immerse their tip in the urine sample, up to the line marked as MAX or MARK (see illustration below).

MAX line

Midstream tests on the other, can be used either in one way, like strip tests, or by placing them in the urine flow, that is you can pee on them.
In other words, they are easier to use as they are used in two ways.

Otherwise, both tests from have the same efficiency, same sensitivity, the same validity of result (over 99%) and the same way of reading result.


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