Do we want to know the stock of eggs in our ovaries? We can, by doing the FSH hormone test, on the 3rd day of our cycle.

What are the FSH levels?
- If its value is below 10 mIU/ml then everything is normal. This means that the maturation of our follicles is an easy task for our body. The result on the FSH tests by will be a clear negative result, ie without any line in the result area.
- If its value is over 10 mIU/ml this indicates a decrease in ovarian function and not perfect egg quality – if they are eventually produced. The result on the FSH tests by will be a faint line in the result area.
- If its levels are high, ie over 20 mIU/ml, then we may have ovarian insufficiency (incorrect function). In this case, the woman will find it difficult to get pregnant, since the eggs she produces are of low quality. The result on the FSH tests by will be a bold line in the result area.

Is there a way to lower the levels of FSH?
There is. By administering contraceptives or similar drugs. Of course we must say here that reducing FSH with the use of drugs does not solve exactly the problem itself, but its impact, since the real problem is the small supply of eggs in the ovaries – especially in women of older age. In this category of women, the pituitary gland needs to produce more FSH in order for the eggs to mature.

In any case, however, you should first consult your gynecologist.

We must also tell you that it is good to also check your LH (ovulation hormone) along with FSH. Their normal ratio is 1 to 1, ie the two tests must be similar in result. If the FSH test line is more intense than the LH test line, this means that the ovarian reserve is low and needs further examination by your doctor.

Below you will see the normal values ​​of FSH in different phases of the cycle during the fertile age of a woman:
3rd – 4th day of cycle: 3 – 10 mIU/ml
Middle of cycle: 3.4 - 33.4 mIU/ml
Luteal phase: 1.0 - 9.1 mIU/ml

During Menopause: 23 - 116.3 mIU/ml


Concentration of FSH - LH hormones


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