The world-famous Sperm Meets Egg Plan (SMEP)


With this plan, you become aware on your fertile days and on the intercourse timing. Although doctors give only 25% possibility of conception in each cycle, this plan gives you more chances to conceive, while sperm will meet the egg in your fertile window.

Please note at this point, that this method is empirical and does not mean that if you follow it you will definitely have successful conception results.


Initially, you need to buy 10 ovulation tests and you're ready to get started!


According to the plan, you need to start having intercourse on the 8th day of your cycle and you keep going every other day. The duration of SMEP is proportional to the lifespan of the sperm (on average, it is a few days). On the 10th day of your cycle, you need to start using ovulation tests and when you have a positive result, get intimate for 3 consecutive days, leave one day and continue for one more. (The numbers correspond to 28-day cycles. Read below.)


15 days after the first positive ovulation test, use your first pregnancy test.


This is the basic information of the plan. However, not all women have 28-day cycles. This is why we provide you with a useful chart that tells you on which day you should begin using your OPKs, according to your cycle’s length.

Table Calculating the First Day of Testing with HomeTest Ovulation Tests

Good luck!



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