How PdG progesterone tests and LH ovulation tests are placed in the cycle

Since the PdG progesterone test is new to the market (and works in reverse in relation to your known Hcg and LH tests), you may have some questions and we are here to explain:

See the image below.

In a cycle of 28 days, these are the ideal results of PdG progesterone and LH ovulation tests.

After the period ends we do the first PdG progesterone test. This should come out negative (ie show a faint result line), because at this stage of the cycle, progesterone levels are low.

As you can see, on the 13th day we have a positive ovulation test. This means that ovulation occurs the next day.

So 6 days later we start with the 1st PdG progesterone test and do the remaining four in total. These tests should show a positive result (ie they should not show any result line), because in this phase of the cycle progesterone levels are high.

So if you have four positive PdG progesterone tests, you confirm that your ovulation has been successful, as well as that your uterus is able to accommodate the fertilized egg in case of conception.



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