I have a positive ovulation test. When should I have intercourse?


Your fertile window lasts 3 days, somewhere in the middle of your cycle, where conception is possible and it is based on the right timing of sperm and egg meeting. The main privilege of using ovulation tests is to locate your fertile window so you can plan your intercourse.


In detail:

Strong sperm can survive up to 5 days in the female reproductive system after intercourse and it is capable of waiting for the time of ovulation. Although the egg lives for about 12 hours after its release from the follicle, contact before ovulation can result to conception. Researchers say that most pregnancies are achieved with intercourse prior to ovulation and on the day of ovulation, and fewer are achieved with post-ovulation intercourse (during the time that the egg is waiting).


Because the fertile window is short - just 3 days - you have to be intimate during these days if you want to have a baby. After ovulation has occurred, you are no longer fertile and conception is not feasible.


Finding your ovulation is the number one factor if you want to get pregnant. But many women do not know exactly when they are ovulating, they do not use ovulation tests and have intercourse on the wrong days.


You should be aware that the ovulation pattern is unique for every woman, so the process needs unique monitoring, organizing and programming. Note in your calendar the day of your first positive ovulation test and start being intimate on that day. Continue for two more days and then stop. At the same time, observe the symptoms of ovulation (cramps, vaginal secretions similar to egg white).

Positive Ovulation Test and Intercourse Days


The above will dramatically improve your chances for conception!





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