When a woman enters the process of becoming pregnant, she must begin to have contacts with her partner on the fertile days of her cycle.

The phrase "we try for a year but nothing yet" is often heard. Within these 12 months, contacts may be free, but there is a high probability that they do not take place on fertile days. So the couple is unjustly disappointed.

With the use of our ovulation tests, however, all the stress will be eliminated. The reason is plain and basic: the woman knows exactly when the fertile days of her cycle are, and therefore knows when to have contacts.

The old instruction of gynecologists, after calculating the woman's cycle, was to have conatcs e.g. from the 7th to the 14th day, every other day. Now, with the use of ovulation tests, this has been overcome. The couple now knows exactly which days to have conacts.

But there is another reason that concerns the man. As is well known, sperm is weakened by continuous ejaculations. Knowing the fertile days, the couple comes in contact for 2-3 consecutive days. Provided that the man has abstained from ejaculation, the chances of a successful conception, increase.


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