Newborn's essentials


The delivery day is approaching, so now you can have the list of everything that you need for the newborn.


Shopping list for your newborn baby:


For the newborn’s sleeping time

Baby basket (porte-bebe)

2-3 small sheets

2 blankets

5 small towels

1 night light


For the newborn’s bath time and personal hygiene

Bath tub (preferably with an iron base – it helps you not to bend)

Baby bath foam

Baby hair shampoo

2-3 body towels

Newborn diapers

5 changing mats

5 large cotton cloths for holding the baby

3 to 7 burping towels

Newborn baby wipes

Diaper changing cream

Sterilized gauzes

Betadine & alcohol spirit for navel cleaning

Saline bottle

Nail clipper or scissors

Hair brush

Antipyretic syrup for infants

Infrared thermometer


For the newborn’s clothes (the list is for cold weather, during summer things are a lot easier)

7 rompers

7 long sleeved bodysuits for sleep time

7 long sleeved bodysuits for daytime

4 pairs of socks

5 bibs

2 caps or hats

3 cardigans


For the newborn’s eating

2-3 breastfeeding bra and nipple cups (if you are going to breastfeed)

Breast pump (optional)

Feeding bottle (2 for the mothers who are going to breastfeed, 5 for the mothers who are not going to breastfeed)


Cleaning brushes for the feeding bottles

Formula (for the mothers who are not going to breastfeed)

Pacifiers (optional)


Tip: It is better to have duplicate equipment for nappy changing (mat, diapers, cream). Apart from the baby’s bedroom, have all this equipment in your living room too, or in the room you spend most of your time with the baby. Especially if you live in a house with two or three floors.


Good luck!


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