New groundbreaking operation delays menopause for at least 20 years!


The surgery, which lasts only 30 minutes, concerns women up to 40 years of age. The surgery somehow tricks the biological clock of the woman concerned and makes it believe that she is younger. This means that women will have the chance to have babies in their 60s, “The Times” report.


This pioneering procedure is being tested in Great Britain and it seems quite simple: A piece of ovarian tissue is removed, then it is kept frozen at -150 ° C, until the woman reaches menopause. Once this is done, the ovarian tissue is thawed and transplanted into an area of the body with good blood supply (such as the armpit). Hormones are re-functioning and menopause is delayed. This revolutionary process will change the lives of thousands of women suffering from serious menopausal side effects.3-5d4832f674d55.jpg



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