Surviving the Two Week Wait


The two-week wait is a time of high anxiety, worry, and frustration for women trying to conceive. In case you're not familiar with the phrase, the two week wait is the time between ovulation and your expected period. The best way to find out the exact day of your ovulation is by taking an ovulation test.


More specifically, during fertility-enhancing cycles (with pills or injections), waiting for two weeks can be even more disappointing. The fear of failure - and your hopes - is higher. There are a lot of "ifs" that twist in the mind.


- What if we fail?
- Will we try again?
- We can afford to try again?
- Do we want to try again?


Whether you are in the middle of some treatment or not, here are 6 survival tips for these two weeks.


Advice Νο.1: Stop the obsession with "pregnancy symptoms"

Stop the obsession with pregnancy symptoms

Many of the so-called "early" signs of pregnancy are caused by the hormones which are normally present in these two weeks of waiting. That is why in some previous months, when you were sure you were pregnant, because you felt pregnant, you did not have a positive pregnancy test. Feeling pregnant does not always mean that you are, and keeping in mind that "signs" mean nothing, can help reduce your anxiety. On the other hand, many women say that the symptoms are the same when you expect your period and when there is a pregnancy.


Advice Νο.2: Keep yourself busy

Keep yourself busy

It is true that time seems to slow down when we are eagerly waiting for something. The wait for two weeks can be long. The way not to think about it is to keep yourself busy with various things. In addition to your job, you can plan other tasks and even fun.


Advice Νο.3: Ask for support from people who understand

Ask for support from people who understand

Having someone to talk during this time, can help you face the wait. Issues to be discussed, e.g. infertility, difficult situation, which you do not have to spend it alone. You can also look for support on social networks.


Advice Νο.4: Use relaxation techniques to feel more relaxed

Use relaxation techniques to feel more relaxed

Relaxation techniques can greatly help you during this time. There are many ways to deal with anxiety, from breathing exercises to meditation. You can be informed and guided by the internet about relaxation techniques that help reduce stress and anxiety levels and are unreservedly recommended!


Advice Νο.5: Write down all your questions on paper

Write down all your questions on paper

Sometimes, writing on paper can help you get rid of the thoughts of anxiety that you have in mind. Ask yourself one of the questions starting with "if". Then answer your questions yourself. The idea is not to stop fearing, but to get to the core of those that make you worry. It is as if you are the healer of yourself.


Advice Νο.6: Do not hurry to take a pregnancy test

Do not hurry to take a pregnancy test

Some women become addicted to pregnancy tests that advertise that they show results even 5 days after contact! This is a big mistake! These women are obviously looking for a positive result so they can spend more painfully these two weeks. But it does not work like that. What is happening is: we do a pregnancy test many days before the expected period, it produces a negative result, we are disappointed and then all the feelings we describe above are stronger. Or, we do a pregnancy test, we see a faint line, we are excited, but we have a double anxiety ... Sometimes a biochemical pregnancy comes in and then we think it would be better to wait for the period and if it does not come, to do our first test that day. The result of the pregnancy test on the day of delay is almost 100% reliable and better for our psychology.


The two week wait is not fun for any woman. Follow the tips above and do not spend your time being restless and distressed.



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