There are 3 types of ovulation and pregnancy tests:

1. Digital

2. Strips

3. Midstream


Which type is the best? Which type suits my needs best? Which is more reliable?


Let's start from the basics.


There is no difference in reliability between the three types of tests. All three types are equally reliable. All three types are manufactured with the same production quality specifications that characterize all of the products in our range.

Whichever type of test you use, when the time of the positive comes, you will have the same result. What you are interested in is the peak of ovulation hormone (LH), as well as the detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the beginning of pregnancy.


So which type to choose?

When to choose the digital test

Digital type tests are these:

Digital Ovulation and Pregnancy Tests

They consist of a digital reader (that is reusable) and sticks (that are disposable).

Watch the digital ovulation test instructions by clicking here:


and the digital pregnancy test instructions here:


The digital tests incorporate the latest and newest technology. They are very simple to use, as they are used either by immersion in the urine sample or by placing them directly in the urine stream, but also as they directly interpret the result for you. They present the result with a YES+ or a NO- in just 3 minutes!


If you've used analogue tests in the past and wondered about the result - whether it's positive or not - digital has no room for doubt, as you always get a clear and simple YES+ or NO- result.


Additionally, our Digital Ovulation Tests with an innovative hormone dection method, eliminate the need of two tests per day, in at least 97% of cases.


On the other hand, our Digital Pregnancy Tests are set to detect sufficient amounts of HCG on the day of the expected period and not earlier. This is because we want you to have a positive result on the day you normally expect your period, and not earlier, as with digital tests you can't track the hormone progress (like analog tests do).


As with midstreams (see below), digital ones are ideal for use in non-private places, such as your workplace, because of the choice of how to use, that is, by immersing or placing them in the urine stream.


When to choose strip-style tests

Strip type tests are these: Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips

Strip type tests are manufactured based on their small size and ease of use. You have to collect your urine sample in a plastic cup (no need for a sterile container).

Watch the instructions for using the ovulation strip tests by clicking here:


and pregnancy test strips here:


Strip type tests should be selected when you want to keep the shopping cart value low. It is the most economical option, purely because of their type. In other words, they do not have the plastic handle of midstreams and digital tests, so production cost is reduced.


For ovulation

Especially for our ovulation test strips, if you have irregular cycles and need a lot of tests for one month until you find your ovulation, then strips are the right choice.

Strip tests, because they show the result in the form of colored lines and leave the interpretation to you, are the ideal type of test when you want to track the hormone levels in detail. There are cases where the hormone does not fluctuate in a clear way (How long does LH surge last for each woman?). In these cases, you could, at your own discretion or with the advice of your doctor, see exactly how your body is handling the hormone. Analog tests will show you exactly the levels of the hormone and not just a positive or negative result.


For pregnancy

In the case of pregnancy detection, the strip type tests, because they are analogue, will show a positive result 3-4 days before the expected period (maybe earlier in some cases). In addition, and this is the most important part, continuing the pregnancy tests, after the first positive result, will give you information on the smooth development of pregnancy. You will be able to observe this with a result line that is getting more intense day by day as the hormone levels gradually increase.


The strip type tests work only by dipping them in urine. Although it is a very simple way to use, some women do not want to use the extra container. In this case there are the two other types of tests that will satisfy your needs.


When to choose midstream-style tests

Midstream type tests are these: Ovulation and Pregnancy Midstream Tests

They consist of a plastic handle and also have a lid. They are used in two ways: Either by collecting urine and immersing them in the sample (like strips) or by placing them directly in the urine stream.

Therefore, you can choose midstream type tests when you want to have all the characteristics of the strip tests, but you also want to be able to place them directly in the urine stream.

Watch the instructions for using midstream ovulation tests by clicking here:


and midstream pregnancy tests here:


Because they are analogue, that is, they present the result in the form of lines and let you make the interpretation, they allow you to see and evaluate the hormone pathway, just like in the strips (see above).


Because they are used in two ways, i.e. by collecting and immersing in the urine sample, or by placing them directly in the urine stream, you can choose them if the place you intent to use them is not private (e.g. in your workplace) and you want to do the test with complete discretion (or if you just do not want to use the immersion method to perform the test).


So the choice is purely personal, depending on the money you want to spend, your preference in reading the results, and the conditions under which you want to run the tests.


We are always at your disposal to assist you with any questions you might have on our tests!



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