2 HomeTest strep-A tests


HomeTest Strep-A test

Now you can easily test for Strep-A easily, affordably and from the privacy of your home. Within 5 minutes you will know if streptococcus-A is the reason for the patient's sore throat, you will tell your physician and get the proper treatment.


Pack contains 2 tests.

Cost per test: 2.50 €.

Manufacturer: HomeTest.gr.

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When your child complains of sore throat, most parents will think the worst, that is infected with streptococcus, mainly because you do not know the symptoms that this microbe can bring. To reassure you, we will explain what is the difference between a simple sore throat and throat infected with streptococcus-A.

Symptoms of simple sore throat

The usual sore throat accompanied by common flu symptoms: runny nose, congestion, cough and tenths. The pain caused by the secretions of the sinuses to neck. The neck looks red and sore, but without swelling or visible blemishes.

Symptoms of strep-A infected throat

These symptoms are more severe and indicates that a virus or microbe causes a sore throat of your child.

These symptoms include:

Fever: temperature greater than 38⁰C (100.40F), because normally a simple cooling will not climbed above.

Sore Throat: The throat is dry and there is pain on swallowing.

Swollen tonsils: The tonsils are red and irritated and also have white purulent spots.

Lymph nodes: The lymph nodes on both sides of the neck - just below the jaw bone - are swollen and sensitive to touch.
With the HomeTest Strep-A test you can check yourself or your child so save yourself a visit to the laboratory, awaiting the results, and extra cost.


The test result is positive but the patient's temperature is not over 38⁰C (100.40⁰F). What does this mean?

If the test result is positive then strep-A was detected. However, if the patient's temperature is not over 38⁰C (100.40⁰F), then maybe sore throat is not caused by strep-A. Sometimes strep-A exists in the natural flora of the throat without causing any infections.
A strep-A infection always results in high fever.

How long does treatment last for strep cure?

10 to 14 days, depending on the antibiotics prescribed.

For how long should the patient keep a safe distance from others?

The patient must complete at least 24 hours of antibiotic treatment before coming in contact with others.

When can my child return to school?

Usually after a full day of treatment and absence of fever.

If a child's family is found positive for streptococcus A, this means that other family members will fall ill?

The other members of the family, including adults, can be infected by the virus. It's good, especially when there are some symptoms, to test the rest of the family members.

Are there other types of Streptococcus causing sore throat?

There is streptococcus C and G, which are normally found in animals, that can cause pharyngitis in humans. However, these bacteria are not as dangerous as streptococcus A, concerning the complications. If the patient has received antibiotics for Streptococcus A, this will cover other types of streptococcus as well.