2 HomeTest preterm delivery prognosis tests


Examine the possibility of preterm labour (premature labour), with HomeTest's innovative test, through the detection of fFN protein, in vaginal secretions.


Pack contains 2 tests.

Cost per test: 4.99 €.

Distribution - Manufactured for: HomeTest.gr.

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The HomeTest preterm labour prognosis test is an extremely reliable, completely safe and painless detection method of fFN protein in the vaginal secretions of pregnant women, in order to examine the possibility of premature birth.


What is fFN protein?

The fFN protein is produced by fetal cells and appears in the vaginal secretions of pregnant women. fFN's levels in vaginal secretions, increase during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy but decrease from the 24th to the 34th week. This protein literally holds the embryo in place in the uterus and if detected in vaginal secretions, it is a potential sign of premature labour. The test can be done between the 24th and 34th weeks of pregnancy.


When it is necessary to use the HomeTest preterm labour prognosis test

The HomeTest preterm labour prognosis test is used to rule out the possibility of immediate premature labor. It provides valuable information to women who have signs or symptoms of premature birth or who are at high risk of premature birth.

If you are worried that you may be premature, use this test. It is better to do the test if you have a suspicion, than to ignore the signs and actually give birth prematurely.


The warning signs of preterm labor include:

- Frequent contractions (a tightening sensation in the abdomen).

- Continuous annoyance - pain - low pressure in the waist.

- Mild abdominal cramps.

- Vaginal spotting or bleeding.

- Watery vaginal discharge.

- Change in normal vaginal secretions.


Package Contents

Each HomeTest preterm labour prognosis test pack contains:

- 1 x test (in cassette)

- 1 x specimens collection swab

- 1 x specimens dilution tube with buffer

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