During prenatal screening and during pregnancy, identify the most frequent TORCH infections (Toxoplasma, Cytomegalovirus, HSV 1 Herpesvirus, and HSV 2 Herpesvirus) that may affect the fetus normal development and future health.


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During prenatal screening as well as during pregnancy, the most important and most frequent TORCH infections, which may affect the normal development and future health of the fetus, should be detected. TORCH is an acronym and its initials mean:

TOX – Toxoplasmosis

RV – Rubella

CMV - Cytomegalovirus

HSV-I – Herpes simplex virus HSV 1

HSV-II - Herpes simplex virus HSV 2

With prevention and treatment, the above infections can be cured.

What is HomeTest TORCH test

The HomeTest TORCH test is a cassette that screens 5 basic infections in pregnant women. Infections can be transmitted to the fetus during pregnancy and also during birth. Early detection and early treatment can prevent complications in newborns. The HomeTest TORCH test detects antibodies to contagious diseases, and specifically the immunoglobulin antibody, or IgM. IgM is by far the largest natural antibody found in the human circulatory system. It is the first antibody to appear in response to initial exposure to the antigen.

A positive result means that IgM antibodies have been found for the particular disease you are testing for. Detection of IgM antibodies indicates current or recent infection. A TORCH test result, along with your medical history are vital for your doctor to determine if the fetus has been exposed to the infection. Your doctor will recommend further lab testing to confirm the infection.

A negative result means that no antibodies have been found and there is no current or recent infection in the body. However, frequent rechecking during pregnancy is recommended.

When to use HomeTest TORCH test

Usually this test is done during prenatal screening. However, pregnant women should perform it frequently during pregnancy, especially if they have symptoms of the above diseases. These diseases pass through the placenta and cause serious conditions to the newborn.

Package Contents

Each HomeTest TORCH test pack contains:

- 1 x test (in cassette)

- 1 x dropper

- 1 x specimens dilution tube with buffer

- 1 x lancet


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