If a woman has a regular cycle, then it is easy for her to calculate when to start using ovulation tests.
In the first page of our instructions, you will find a very helpful table, according to which you will start using the tests.

What happens though if the cycle is irregular? How can a woman find her ovulation day?

The correct way to tackle this is to keep a note with your periods. You should calculate the shortest and the longest cycle of the past six months or even better, the past 12 months.

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According to your shortest cycle, you will consult the table in the first page of our instructions and start using the ovulation tests on the day shown in the table.
So, if for example, your shortest cycle is 31 days, you must start using the tests not later than the 14th day and continue until you find the positive result.

This is the most reliable way to find your ovulation day.

Finally, keep in mind that sperm lives inside the woman's body for several days, therefore frequent intercourse from the day of the positive test and for three consecutive days is recommended.

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