Can fasting promote fertility?

Some couples achieve pregnancy with a little effort while for others it is not so easy.

Can fasting help? What does modern medicine have to say on the subject?

According to doctors, fasting cleanses the body, heals and rejuvenates the body at the cellular level. Fasting essentially allows cells to eliminate toxins and balance hormones. In addition, it helps the liver metabolize substances that may be present in high concentrations in the body, such as xenoestrogens which are found in chemicals, plastics and pesticides and cause hormonal disturbances in the natural level of estrogen.

Fasting also reduces inflammation, rejuvenates all organs, balances blood sugar, strengthens the immune system, helps the nervous system and balances the reproductive system.

In brief, it cleanses the body, detoxifies it and makes it healthy and ready for fertility.

Also, two previous studies from 2009, after researching on animals, concluded that fasting can compensate for the loss in the quantity and quality of follicles, a natural consequence of age.


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