Other tests for the whole family

Urine analysis test - 11 parameters

The HomeTest urine analysis test- 11 parameters, detects any urinary tract infection, diabetes or kidney disease. The results are directly visible by comparing the color on the tests and the printed colors on the label of the package.You do not need any other special equipment to perform the test.In the enclosed instructions you will find the analysis of each color change of the test.Any pathological value should be transferred to your doctor for further consideration. Package Contents: - Cylindrical case with printed color results-...

Influenza test

The HomeTest influenza A+B test is an extremely reliable and absolutely safe rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of influenza A and B antigens in nasopharyngeal or pharyngeal smear. It is intended to aid in the rapid diagnosis of influenza A and B viral infections. What is influenza? Influenza (or flu) is an extremely contagious, acute viral infection of the respiratory tract. It is easily transmitted through coughing and sneezing, as droplets containing live virus are released. Influenza outbreaks occur every...

Thyroid test (TSH)

The HomeTest thyroid (TSH) test is an extremely reliable and absolutely safe chromatographic immunoassay test for the qualitative detection of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) in the blood. It is not indicated for use screening neonates for hypothyroidism. What is thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)? Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), or thyrotropin, is the primary regulator of the functional state of the thyroid gland. Its production and release is stimulated by the hypothalamic thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) at the pituitary gland...

Ferritin test

The HomeTest ferritin test is an extremely reliable and absolutely safe chromatographic immunoassay test for the qualitative detection of human ferritin in the blood. What is ferritin? Ferritin is a universal intracellular protein that stores iron and releases it in a controlled manner. Ferritin measurement is an indirect indicator of the total amount of iron stored in the body. Therefore, ferritin is used as a diagnostic test for anemia due to iron deficiency. For most tissues, ferritin is an important iron storage protein. Human...