Sperm motility is a key factor in sperm quality. Seed is considered to be fertile when it has more than 20 million of moving spermatozoa. If, for example, live spermatozoa are 50 million, but only 10 million of them are motile, then the remaining 40 million which do not move, should not be taken into account when testing. Tests that measure only the number of live spermatozoa are ineffective because they can produce disputed results.

FertilitySCORE is clinically proven that it measures both perm count and motility. In a clinical study the FertilitySCORE Kit was compared to the concentration of motile spermatozoa. A 93% positive predictive power was found for semen samples containing 20 million or more motile sperm per ml. A 90% negative predictive power was found for semen samples containing 10 million motile sperm or less per ml.

Thus the FertilitySCORE Kit is a highly effective screening test for male fertility potential.

FertilitySCORE male fertility test


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