Does summer affect male fertility?

According to 2 different studies the data are divisive. One study concludes that summer is the best time to conceive, while another claims that the best season is winter.


What is ultimately true? When is the best time for sexual contacts?

According to the first study published in Chronobiology International, a team from the Parma University Hospital's Infertility Center, led by Dr Alfredo De Giorgi, after examining 5,188 men, concluded that at summer when the weather is hot and especially in July and August, overall sperm motility increases.

The number of men with total sperm motility greater than 40%, was 65.3% in summer, and decreased to 50% in winter.

This may be due to seasonal changes in hormone levels, the researchers concluded.

But according to another study conducted by Ben-Gurion University in Israel's fertility center of more than 6,000 men and published by the British NHS, the quality of sperm, and particularly the number of fast-moving sperm, increases during winter and spring.

So, according to the above research, during the summer and autumn the sperm tends to get better in terms of the total number of moving sperm, while in winter and spring the total number of moving sperm decreases but the quality of the sperm increases.

Of course, these are statistics. In fact every contact that occurs when a woman is fertile, at any time of the year, is a possible pregnancy!



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